Enjoy the Tru abundance of the "Full Spectrum CBD Nano Science Technology"...

With all the talk about Cannabinoids, terpenes, full-spectrum or isolate—unless you’re fluent in cannabis, it would seem tough for anyone to keep up.

I introduce to you, Nano CBD Technology. A scientific process that’s said to make cannabinoids more easily absorbed by the body, many marijuana-based brands are now claiming they’ve harnessed it in order to make their products work better.

Nanotech isn’t exclusive to the cannabis world. This technology is rare and most companies who say they have it, actually do not. Tru Medicinals is actually one of only a handful of companies who say they work with Nano Technology and actually have it. It is truly a proud day to be able to introduce such quality products to the industry. Our Nano CBD Full Spectrum Water Miscible Tincture is absolutely the #1 way to ingest CBD. The BioAvailability, meaning you receive about 90% of the actual minerals and vitamins contained within our product. Normally, you may receive about 10% of the product's nutrients previous to nanotech.

Tru Medicinals Nano CBD Water breaks the covalent bonds between hydrogen and oxygen atoms removing water memory before it is purified through several stages of reverse osmosis filtering. The water is then infused with a Broad Spectrum of Cannabinoids and Terpenes including CBD, CBG, CBC, Linalool, Myrcene, Ocimene, and Caryophyllene.

The second phase of infusion adds over 72 different essential vitamins, minerals, and powerful Glyconutrients to the formula. These extra ingredients further boost immunity support, recovery potential and the overall antioxidant healing properties of this water.

If you are in need of the kind of medicine that will put the spring back in you step, then pick up your Tru Medicinas Full Spectrum CBD from your local Pharmacy or Online at trumedcbd.com.