Tru Medicinals was founded on the idea that there is so much that can be solved by natural remedies found in the world around us. As a modern society we've lost touch with what nature has to offer us. If it doesn't come in a pill prescribed by a doctor we tend to dismiss it. We created Tru Medicinals because we want to harness the power of plant based nutraceuticals that can literally change your life. 

We started with CBD because of the potential that the compound has for countless ailments and conditions, while improving overall happiness and brain function. 

But Tru Medicinals was also founded on the idea of doing things right and delivering the best solutions for our customers. With the promise to always bring you the highest grade ingredients. We are committed to continuously developing new products and ways to deliver benefits of CBD. We will never stop caring about our customers and the people who make up our community. 

If you ever need us in any way, guidance with dosage, best practices and lifestyle, or an ear to hear your story, we'll be here.