Optimize your health

Tru Medicinals is inviting you to take back your life. By integrating Cannabidiol or CBD hemp oil into your health regimen, we can help you move past the stresses of our daily lives and re-establish what a “Tru” “Quality of Life” can once again mean to you. CBD has gained a reputation restoring functionality to what sometimes chaotic life, while providing relief across an entire spectrum of ailments like chronic depression, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, anxiety, and overall inflammation. With all that greatness in such a small amount of goodness, we look forward to seeing what is next for CBD and what it actually might do for the world.

CBD Oil has a Growing its Reputation for truly miraculous results like

            - reducing pain and inflammation

            - chronic disorders

            - improving mood

            - lowering depression

            - helps balance various metabolic functions/ low appetite

            - relieving and preventing inflammatory arthritis

            - healing the skin, including acne and psoriasis

            - treating sleep disorders and insomnia

            - soothing anxiety and stress

            - substance abuse treatment

            - may play a role in reducing symptoms of mental disorders 


Ironically, most effective uses of CBD tends to be very healthy for those with Chronic Pain and suffering. In fact, Chronic pain alters life and debilitating and greatly lowers the “Quality of Life”. CBD’s analgesic properties, CBD is often recommended in treating chronic pain due to various illnesses, which can range from fibromyalgia to cancer. CBD effectively disrupts the activity of pain receptors in your body and instead releases neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin— the “feel good” compounds. CBD has proven to be effective in relieving pain and easing discomfort even when pharmaceutical painkillers have had no effect. The therapeutic effects of CBD are still being researched and explored, but the results are proving to be life-changing.


Tru Medicinals is committed to helping you regain your “Quality of Life” and restore functionality to your daily regimen. For the person who has suffered from leg tremors for years and can now go out dancing, CBD has brought joy back to life! For the child who suffered 20 seizures a day and now only has 3, allowing them to go to school and play normally with their friends, CBD has changed their life forever! 

It’s never too late to get back your life. Whether you suffer from occasional bouts of insomnia or something as devastating as chronic pain from cancer, Tru Medicinals is here to introduce you to the life-changing benefits of cannabinoid oils! We will guide you through the process of making CBD part of an effective long term health strategy and show you how to effectively integrate them into your recovery plan.

Call our staff today and let contacting Tru Medicinals be your first step in bringing back the magic “Life” in “Quality of LIfe”.